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Is happiness the secret of success?

(CNN) — Scientifically, can happiness be an advantage?

Some people think if you are happy, you are blind to reality. But when we research it, happiness actually raises every single business and educational outcome for the brain. How did we miss this? Why do we have these societal misconceptions about happiness? Because we assumed you were average.

When we study people, scientists are often interested in what the average is. If we study what is merely average, we will remain merely average.

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Embracing Beauteousness

Photograph by Martin Gommel

Great remix of Tik Tok by Kesha

Simple Tips: Software Upgrades

Planning to make some changes to your computer? Check out this article - Turning words into affiliate links

I have not tried to monetize my blogs as I figure it will do more harm than good. However, looking into the future I can see how affiliate links can help lead readers to good products at a decent price, while in return offering the site a little bit of money.

On This Week in Google, they mentioned, a site that scours your site for relevant words and amends them with affiliate links.

The service is free and can save a content provider a lot of work as it can add links to older posts before you decided to monetize your blog.

Taken with instagram

Taken with instagram

Feb 9

Even Oppressive Dictators need Branding Advice

Feb 7

You had me at hello?!? ... Ignite Talk: Flash Mob Gone Wrong

Homicide is a starter, not an ending.

If they are planning to turn this into a movie, they really need to change the ending.

Here is the rewrite:

Murdered girl is not murdered.

Instead, her high school crush sees her on the internet and realizes he loves her … deep down he always knew.

He runs through the crowd, saves her from the ill-mannered nerds, and he asks her to many him.

Then of course the movie ends with them getting married while a flash mob dances to Thriller.

Feb 1

Romney Wins in Florida to Reclaim Lead in Republican Race

Jan. 31 (Bloomberg) — Mitt Romney won Florida’s Republican presidential primary, re-establishing himself as the front- runner for his party’s nomination in a race that rival Newt Gingrich has pledged to drag on for months.

Changing winds … 
  • The platform of the Christian Right no longer resonates with American Conservatives. All indications point to the end of Regan Conservatism and the slow birth of small “c” Conservatism.
  • The economic breakdown of 2008 is creating the same political conditions that resulted in the New Deal and the 100-day congress.
  • While the sitting President is unpopular, Romney’s nomination will allow Obama to run as the anti-establishment candidate.
  • Romney’s big business reputation will guarantee that the Republicans have no chance of winning the next Presidential election.